Preparing for your Family Photo Session | Pullman Portrait Photographer

So you’ve selected your photographer and you have booked your session, now what?  How do you prepare for the shoot?  There’s a few things to consider before your shoot to make things go a little bit more smoothly.  

Choosing a Location

Choosing a location for your photo shoot will set the scene so to speak.  If you have a specific location that is meaningful to you and your family then be sure to mention that to the photographer when booking your session.  Often times clients don’t have a location in mind but you may have a certain look that you are going for.  Rely on your photographer to select a great location based on some of the aspects you are looking for in your photos.  Capturing images of your family in a special place will make the photos even more memorable.

family session with dog lucie arrell photography pullman wa

Choose A Color Palette

For your family session you will want to coordinate your outfits.  Read that again….coordinate not match!  It is pleasing to the eye, and therefore will result in beautiful images, when the colors in your wardrobe coordinate.  You want to pick colors for everyone that will compliment each other and look good in the photo especially if you are planning on printing large prints and displaying them in your home.  Your photographer can be a great resource on this topic.  Most photographers will have boards on Pinterest with plenty of pins that will help you get an idea of what to look for.  

family session in backyard lucie arrell photography pullman WA

Preparing The Kids

Talking to your kids, especially young ones, about the photo shoot ahead of time will most likely make for a more pleasant experience.  Letting the kids know what is happening and what to expect will ease their anxiety of the shoot, especially if this is your first family session.  Bringing a light snack for young kids to have during the session is always helpful.  Make sure they are rested and try to have a light relaxing day before the shoot.  When kids show up tired and hungry for the shoot it typically goes from bad to worse in a hurry.

A photo session is meant to capture your family memories, your personalities.    You’ve done the prep work now it is time to relax and enjoy your session.  Let the photographer do what they do and bring out the best in everyone.  


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